Hello! I'm Billy Blanchard, an original songwriter with a unique sound of finger-style and folk guitar. I offer songs to communicate my reflections and inspirations drawn from life’s day-to-day moments and the larger themes of Being.

     I’ve had the joy of creating and performing with the swamp-folk trio WETLANDS and  the old-time DIY trio Peg & Awl . The music is a mix of guitar, clawhammer banjo, voices and songs that are as much a part of the long tradition of folk music as they are music of the day or perhaps tomorrow.

     I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and am currently at work producing HomeField Recordings  podcasta gentle, meandering patchwork of songs and sounds recorded in nature and my surroundings. Season One is out now!!!


WETLANDS is  Billy, Matthew and Kali. A swamp folk trio playing guitar, banjo and ukulele with everybody on vocals. Originating in St Augustine, FL







Peg & Awl is Billy, Anthony and Mike.